Top of the South Film Productions Incorporated

Top of the South Film Productions was co-founded and established in 2015 by Aaron Falvey (Marlborough) and Doug Brooks (Nelson) who both shared the same vision of building a critical mass of filmmakers in the region. Top of the South Film Productions is an incorporated society which naturally evolved from a collective group of passionate filmmakers from the Nelson, Marlborough and Tasman regions.
Our purpose is to nurture film-making excellence and support the growth of the film industry in the Top of the South region. We encourage collaboration and networking with other filmmakers to produce great films. Our long term goal is to establish a thriving film industry which creates employment opportunities for our skilled cast and crew. Currently we have 61 registered members.
The Top of the South Island showcases some of the purest natural landscapes in New Zealand and makes us an ideal destination¬†for production companies around the globe to capture stunning and unique visuals. We have an ever-growing online directory of cast and crew who have ‘on set’ experience on both short and feature films.
Both Nelson and Blenheim hold monthly film meetings to provide regular opportunities to network and discuss film projects with other filmmakers from the region. Nelson host their film meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of every month and Blenheim host their meetings on the 3rd Monday of every month. For more details, please contact us through our contact form below.


It costs $20.00 per year to join the Top of the South Film Production Society. Our renewal period is October each year.


– Join a network of filmmakers to collaborate with for future film projects
– Have your filmmaker profile listed on our website for employment opportunities
– Annual Film Grants
– Free monthly film meetings to attend.
– Discounted film equipment hire
– 2 x Regional 48 Hour Film Challenge teams funded each year
– Access to exclusive film workshops
– Free Concessions to film on Department of Conservation land


– New members get one FREE film submission to the Top of the South Film Festival
– Existing members get an ongoing 50% discount on one film submission each year to the Top of the South Film Festival
– $50 Discount when you sign up to ANY of Lights Film School’s online courses

I was born in Motueka and live in Richmond, Nelson. My earlier career pathway was primarily in the tourism and hospitality industry, where I developed communication and customer service skills. This experience with tourists and businesses lead me to opportunities in conference management. Since then I have developed programs in dance, music, film and animation for youth. The creative industries pathway has lead me to where I am today, producing films. I consider film-making to be incredibly exciting. I am going to another level of excellence by planning to assemble a collaboration of creative teams for producing films. I am very keen to learn more about being a producer and being involved with the Top of the South Film Collective. President | Patsy Burke

Top of the South Film Production Society Executive Committee

PRESIDENT | Patsy Burke (Nelson)

VICE PRESIDENT | Anna Logan (Marlborough)

TREASURER | Emily Thompson (Nelson)

SECRETARY | Emily Thompson (Nelson)

COMMITTEE MEMBERS | Justin Eade, Timothy Hawthorne, Doug Brooks, Breigh O’Malley and Matt Lattin (Nelson) Chris Lippiatt, Nic Brasch, Claudia Dallarosa and Samuel Rangi (Marlborough)

FILM FESTIVAL DIRECTOR | Aaron Falvey (Marlborough)

NELSON REGIONAL DIRECTOR | Timothy Hawthorne (Nelson)


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