Belvedere Excelsior

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DIRECTOR | Doug Brooks
WRITER | Justin Eade
STARRING | Locky Campion, Gayle Hay, Doug Brooks, Laura Irish & Ngaire Warner.

Bravo Huggins works backstage at the Belvedere Excelsior, a small town theatre his parents used to run. Having practically grown up here, the theatre is in his blood. His late parents had aspirations for him to tread the boards but now all he seems to do is sweep them. On top of that he is bullied and pushed around by the theatres egotistical main players, who are pre-occupied with putting on their next show. If this show doesn’t do well, the theatre may have to close its doors, so there’s a lot riding on it, but Bravo loves this theatre with all his heart, its all he has left of his parents, so he hopes that doesn’t happen. A young lady India volunteers a few hours a week at the theatre and believes in Bravo, telling him hes going to make his parents proud. This instills new-found hope in him and together he and India attend all the rehearsals for Fools Cap: A Writers Dream. When the main actors are not able to perform on opening night due to illness, Bravo and India step into the roles and bring the house down. But has it all been a dream?

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