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DIRECTOR | Karina Kusumadarma
WRITER | Karina Kusumadarma

Gift is a short movie that tells a story of a girl who makes simple handmade gifts to give to friends on ordinary days. This short movie process begins with research. I have done a lot of researches on how to make a great short movie, a wide variety tutorial of adobe premiere, watched various genres of movies and I also watch lots of short films on YouTube. I really like a movie called Memento because of the time change in the film is very confusing but also intelligent. Unconsciously, I was inspired by that film and I made this short movie with time concept of forward-backward or backward-forward. After I did a lot of research and got the idea, I made a storyboard that contains a lot of details. The details that I mean are the direction of light, equipment to be used, the rule of thirds, sounds that will be used, the movement of the camera which will be conducted during filming and the most important is the angle. As much as possible, I think about all the important things that I will use in the film and the situation that is going to happen. Next process, I contacted my friends to join this film as actors, actress and assistants. I gave directions to the actors and actress as well as to the assistants. There were happy and sad feelings when I became a director and actress at the same time, it became an interesting experience for me. I am happy to be a director, but I did not feel comfortable to be an actor because of a lack of confidence. When I was editing all the footage, I realized that most of the scenes are not like in the storyboard, but that is fine because storyboard is important in making film. I feel that the final short movie is beyond my expectations, even though I do not really like seeing myself in it.
The use of color in this short film was based on temperature and some symbols. I edited the colors to be a bit of blue to indicate cold temperature and orange filter to demonstrate the warm temperature. The early part of the film when I was pulling thread from red yarn and put a white yarn on the table is to show the color flag of my country, Indonesia. Pink and blue yarn scene shows gender of male and female.
The message that I want to convey through this short film is people can do gift giving on ordinary days and can be anything that is not very expensive. I think the high-value gift is a gift made with sincerity because I got feelings that I could not explain when I gave the heart crochets to my friends. I did not get anything in return, but instead I saw different expressions or happy emotion that I think it is good enough for me. I am glad if I can make their day better after I gave the heart crochets.

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