Late Equaliser

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DIRECTOR | Gwen Daly
WRITER | Mic Dover
DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY | Aaron Falvey & Daniel Allan
STARRING | Troy Warring, Anna Burns, Gerardo Giorgini, Gwen Daly, Doug Brooks & Ian Bowell.

Billy Harper was a successful professional footballer in England, before retiring to run a pub in New Zealand. Proud father of three daughters, he long ago gave up hope of a son, when his wife Sarah accidentally falls pregnant. Meanwhile, Carlos Carlos, a young Argentinian football prodigy dies in a car crash and wakes up in the Celestial Recycling Centre to be told his only hope of ever playing football again is to be reborn as Billy and Sarah’s new baby. Billy starts having very strange dreams that convince him the new baby will be not only a boy, but also be the world’s greatest footballer. To Billy’s horror, Sarah decides she wants a termination, so with the help of Carlos Carlos, he sets out to change his wife’s mind.

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