Daniel Rarity
Director, Editing

Daniel made his first film back in school and fell in love with making movies. Since then he’s always had a keen interest in film-making and when Aaron Falvey started a film-making group in Blenheim, Daniel jumped at the chance to be involved and has now completed three short films.

As a someone who is trained Karate and Aikido, Daniel likes to make martial arts films and choreographing all the fight moves himself. He also enjoys war and aviation films, his favourite film being ‘Battle of Britain’. Daniel believes in ensuring his films contain a female lead character.  

Daniels first short film ‘Black vs Blue’ (2015) was a martial arts film that was screened at the Top of the South Film Festival. He filmed, choreographed and edited it himself. His next short film ‘Star Wars – The Escape’ (2016) was made to enter the 2016 Star Wars fan made film awards. Daniel covered almost all aspects of production having filmed, choreographed, edited and done all the visual effects. He also had a go acting by playing the Storm trooper.

Daniel’s latest film ‘Katya – Russian Ace’ (2017) is a short film about Katya Budanova, one of only two female fighter pilot aces in history. He was lucky enough to be able to use a real WW2 Yak-3 fighter plane to make this movie.