Nic Brasch
Costume, Actress, Location Scout
Nic‘s interest in acting dates back to her primary school days, where, at the age of 6, she had her first speaking role in a school play. From primary school onward she was involved in stage acting – working under directors such as Gavin Richards and Duncan Whiting – but it wasn’t until much later she discovered her passion for screen.
Having only recently returned to the acting scene, Nic has prioritised improving technique, participating in workshops held by Doug Brooks, Liz Mullane and Rachel Bullock.
Nic also has an interest in production, and has a knack for fundraising. She has her own reliable transport, and is happy to travel in order to gain experience.
Puppet Movie (2018) – Chris Lippiatt, Kenny Holdaway
A Plane Murder (2018) – Tyler Redmond
Brawl in Bakersfield – (2018) Michael Oritz
Bloodless (2013) – Aaron Falvey
Specs (metric)
Height 176
Weight 89
Bust 108
Waist 98
Hips 113