Pamela Guha
Director, Producer, Writer

Pamela Guha is a creative and enthusiastic audio-visual media professional.She has acquired experience of more than a decade in Bollywood, British Independent Feature films, Short films (Hindi/ British Short Film), CNBC INDIA and Ad films (Mumbai) and NZ film and Television industry as Assistant Director (First/ Second), Script Supervisor and Associate/ Assistant Producer.

Now after garnering extensive experience in the Direction and Production process of film-making, now she’s ready to take the next step to achieve her dream- getting established as an audio-visual Storyteller (Director/ Writer).

Pamela is passionate about films. She believes by blending the different art forms (audio, visual and storytelling),  an even more compelling and powerful work of art can be created. She draws her inspiration from the society she  lives in and from her day to day life. She says, “Through my films I hope to touch lives, inspire and entertain.”