TOTS Filmmaker Enters International VFX Contest.

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Daniel Rarity | Blenheim


Using visual effects in a short amateur film used to be almost impossible unless you wanted to spend lots of money. But these days it very easy and free with websites like PRODUCTION CRATE which offers free visual and sound effects. They also have what they call ‘Pro’ effects that require you to pay a yearly subscription to their website. These pro effects are better quality then the free ones. But there is another way to get them, Production Crate are running monthly a 10 second short film contest that you can enter for free and win a subscription to their pro account.

Last month the only requirements were that all the VFX and SFX come from Production Crate and that you use the line “I don’t think that’s a good idea”. There will be a different them each month. I entered last month’s contest with this entry: Samurai vs Ninja – Super Power VFX Fight
Trying to put together a film with a story and plot is very hard in only a 10 second time frame, however putting visual effects can sometimes take a very long time, so only having 10 seconds of footage was a bit of a blessing in disguise. Unfortunately, I didn’t win but the competition was very tough even though the rest of the entries were all made by kids and teenagers! It would seem I was the oldest person to appear in all the films! It’s really cool to see so many young people getting into film making and VFX. I would recommend this website and contest to anyone who wants to get into making movies and visual effects.

A full set of the rules and scoring criteria for the contest can be found here: Production Crate Contest

Good Luck!
Daniel Rarity

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