Field of Horrors in Marlborough

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In late February the Blenheim filmmakers group (which are part of the Top of the South Filmmakers Society) got together to create a short film to be used to promote the Field of Horrors Night at The Omaka Maze. This event is a fundraiser for the Blenheim Filmmakers with 40% of the proceeds going towards new film equipment.

Field of Horrors has 2 mazes running each night with a different theme for each, ‘Area 51’ and ‘Welcome to your Nightmare’. The short film (Directed by Aaron Falvey) is based on an ‘Area 51’ concept shot in a ‘Blair Witch’ style told through the eyes of an actor and all shot in one long sequence. Because of the 1 minute duration of the shot and the action which unfolds during this time, the set up and rehearsals took longer than the shoot itself. The cast were fantastic to work and their performances were magnificent. After the rehearsals were done the shot itself was achieved in 10 takes. The lighting set up was relatively straight forward with all power being sourced from 2 generators. The Cinematographer, Daniel Wye did a great job is setting up the lighting for the evening. The UFO beam at the end of the film was achieved by using a spotlight on a very tall C Stand and covering the light with a blue gel, the result was very effective and can be viewed below.


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