Recruiting for hp 48hrs: Blenheim Team!

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The clever monkeys behind the inaugural TOTS Blenheim team have formulated a winning plan to ensure success at this years 48hrs film competition. Now all we need is YOU!


Wait… What?



We are looking for volunteers for help with the following areas.

  • Actors
  • Camera Assists
  • Hair & Makeup
  • Sets & Costuming
  • Catering (making sure people are fed, happy and healthy) (we’ll provide the food)
  • Runners (Extra bodies for whatever basically – super important)
  • Or if you just have any cool props or locations we could shoot at….

The above positions are for the Sat / Sun 26-27 August. Sat will be the longest day filming and so this is where we will need the most help. Please let us know which day or both you can help.

If you can help with any of the above or you think you have something else to bring to the table (even literal food :)) then please get in touch on one of the facebook posts or pm one of us directly. All I ask is that if you volunteer you are sure you can make the days you say. We will be relying on you to be there…

This is a competition and we need to keep the team small and lean so we can get everything done in time. I’m sure we’ll have space for you because you’re awesome! but if we do get overwhelmed with support we may not be able to take everyone.

We will be filming in or around Blenheim.

Any questions fire below

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