Director Toolkit Workshops Confirmed for Region

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The New Zealand Film Commission has confirmed funding for the Directors and Editors Guild of New Zealand to host two fully-funded Director Toolkit workshops exclusively for Top of the South Film Production Society members this year! One workshop will be hosted in Blenheim and one workshop will be hosted in Nelson. We value the opportunity to educate our society members and our success in obtaining such significant funding underlines our value as an organisation. These courses are valued at $9,000 each (approx. $500 per person).  Details such as dates, location, course content and who will run the workshop are still to being finalised, but the intent is to run them after submissions for the Film Festival close (June 8th) as people are typically busy making films. This also presents an opportunity for four Professional (locally based) Actors to be employed by the DEGNZ to assist each workshop. We’ll advertise this opportunity in due course.

Registrations for these workshops will open once all details have been finalised.


A two-day workshop based on our successful format proven and endorsed over the last four years, offering a practical guide for up to 20 emerging directors.


The workshop will up-skill directors aiming at Fresh or Premiere Shorts or thinking about making self-funded features.  It will establish a professional approach to film-making and underline the keys to good work, i.e. delivery of the potential in the script, and effective audience engagement.


While each director brings his or her own approach and style to the workshop, a typical workshop could run as follows.

DAY 1 

Understanding the script, telling the story visually, inspiring great performances and running a creative set. The workshop will also explore the detail of the shoot, e.g. blocking, choosing shots and lenses, pacing, prioritizing, structuring a day, etc.

DAY 2 

Day 2 could comprise further work around prepping, interactions with Head of Departments and their departments, rehearsal, etc. and or practical exercises with actors, putting into practice what was covered.


The Directors Toolkit is a good entry level professional development initiative covering the basics and practicalities of directing, to be taught by a highly experienced director from either TV drama and or film.

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  1. Hi Aaron… I have a couple of students (experienced filmmakers) who may be interested in joining Top of the South and participating in this workshop. Are there still places left and when is it?

    Nga mihi nui

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