Gwen Daly
Director, Actress, Producer

Gwen Daly is Irish born however raised in the UK. She studied acting at the Drama Centre in Sydney where her acting credits included various roles in theatre as well as ‘The Young Dr’s’ for Grundy TV in the late 80’s. In Sydney she helped set up Pantoz Productions before moving back to the UK where she was a co-founder of Jo Public Productions and Directed and Produced many plays for them both in the UK and NZ.

More recently she performed in the short film ‘Late Equaliser’ (L.E.) where she won best supporting actress and also produced and directed ‘Late Equaliser’. Gwen also had a role in the feature film ‘Bowie’ and a training film on ‘Problem Gambling’.

Gwen has also acted in radio plays locally and for Radio NZ. She had also taught drama to adults and young people in the UK and NZ.

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